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5-PATH® Hypnotherapy

Developed by Calvin Banyan, 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy is a uniquely powerful combination of psychology and hypnosis.

An eminent psychotherapist before switching his focus to hypnotherapy, Cal Banyan created 5-PATH by taking the best and most effective elements from both worlds. 

5-PATH® is designed to harness useful information and delete useless information and
help you get back on the right track - quickly and effectively.

As a fully qualified 5-PATH® Practitioner, with your consent, I can take you back to the start of any problem that may be manifesting itself today.

Together, we can reframe or neutralise negative perceptions and remove the emotional barriers that may be stopping you achieve your full potential.

The 5-PATH® System is powerful and proven effective. Better still, the first results can be both swift and significant. The long-term effects can be nothing short of life-changing.

By realigning your subconscious mind, you harness its power for good. You simply need to give it that chance.

As Milton Erickson so neatly put it: ‘You always knew but you didn't know that you knew.'

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Fear of flying?  
Other major fears or phobias?

With holidays fast-approaching, it's time for you to conquer your fears once and for all!  You may be terrified of flying, heights, lifts, small spaces or deep water.  I can help you to overcome your fear permanently, using the remarkable 5-Path systematic approach.

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