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What You Can Expect

Most people are anxious when booking their first session with me.

Typically they wonder how it might feel to be hypnotised; what they might experience whilst in hypnosis (perhaps something scary or unpleasant); if their condition could be worsened, or if they could be traumatised by what they might uncover in the session.

By way of transparency, I'm now going to give you a step-by-step explanation of the process.

The Pre Talk

Soon after we meet for your first session,  we settle ourselves down comfortably and talk about your issues, your questions and your desired outcome. 

Next we talk about hypnosis and any fears or misconceptions you may have.  I will take as much time as you need to reassure you and answer all your queries.  Hypnosis will only take place once both you and I are satisfied that you are entirely comfortable about the process.

This is called the Pre Talk. 

The Hypnotic State

Next, I encourage you to recline the chair fully for optimum comfort.

I induce hypnosis rapidly and effectively, followed by a deepening process to ensure that you achieve ‘somnambulism', the deepest hypnotic state where you can still think, feel and speak clearly, whilst allowing you to more easily access information stored in your Subconscious mind.

In this state, the Conscious mind (your rather bossy temporary memory) learns to stay in the background, in order for us to communicate with the Subconscious mind (your infinite permanent memory which has no delete function) where all the information from this life, and - if you are someone who believes in reincarnation - all previous lives is stored.

During this time, your body will feel curiously heavy and your mind will remain crystal clear.  You can cough, shift around, even ask for water if you need to, but you may not wish to do any of these things.

You will be able to think about, and to feel, whatever you are experiencing during the process, and you will be talking to me just as easily as you were prior to the hypnotic induction, but your focus will be on whatever you are seeing or feeling or sensing (because many people aren't visual), not on what is going on around you. 

Although your eyes will be closed, you will be wide awake and aware at all times, and after the session, you will be able to remember most of the experience, but some of the details will gradually become hazy, rather like the morning after a dream.

Emergence From Hypnosis & Post Talk

Online Hypnotherapy or Past Life Sessions in the comfort of your own home!

I am proud to have been one of the first twelve people in the world to have trained in and been officially certified in Online sessions (and that was way before the Coronavisus lockdown!).  Consider the benefits....

~ Being in the safety and comfort of your own home
~ Working with me from anywhere in the world
~ No time or expense incurred for travel

Does it work just as well as seeing me face-to-face? 
Yes it does!
Using hypnotic inductions specially created for working online, I can work with you just as effectively as if we were in the same room....

For more information on online Hypnotherapy, please click here
And for more information on online Past Life Regression or QHHT, please click here.




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