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What is Hypnosis?

The Truth about Hypnosis


Hypnosis is safe.

Hypnosis is not sleep.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

You are always in control.

Exploding the Myths about Hypnosis

What exactly is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is best described as a deep state of focused concentration – a state of heightened suggestibility where we can bypass the very small conscious mind and safely access the infinite subconscious mind, where all of our beliefs (both positive and negative) and memories are stored. 

You may have never been told that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so when you voluntarily agree to work with a qualified hypnotherapist, you will only allow yourself to enter the state of hypnosis when you are completely comfortable to do so with the expert coaching of the therapist who will be using words designed to encourage both your body and conscious mind to relax.  Your subconscious mind – which is the storehouse for everything that has even happened in your life – is then able to be accessed, and the out-of-date information that is the cause of your issue can then be changed.

Whilst you are in hypnosis, your subconscious mind is open and receptive to the suggestions given to you, providing they are the suggestions that you consciously want to take effect.  You will be able to hear everything during the hypnosis session and you’ll be aware of, but not concerned with, outside noises and movements. 

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis doesn't actually feel like anything!  It is just a state of mind where you are more focused and alert.

Will I hear what you're saying or will I feel like I'm 'asleep'?

Hypnosis is not sleep!  Many people have the misconception that they are just going to sit in a comfortable chair and go to sleep for an hour or so, then wake up with all their problems magically resolved.  Regrettably, this isn’t the case.  I tell my clients ‘If I had a magic wand I could wave and suddenly make you better, I would have people queuing for miles down the road to see me!’   The therapy requires your 100% commitment and a lot of dedicated work on both sides.  However, unlike conventional forms of ‘talk therapy’ involving only the conscious mind, Hypnotherapy can help you to make huge changes in a matter of weeks, not many months or even years.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, yes and yes, when working with a hypnosis professional.  I’ve been working with clients in hypnosis for over twenty years, and I can honestly say that I’ve never ‘lost’ one yet! 

In a situation where you have agreed to work with a qualified hypnotherapist, you will not say, or do, anything you don't want to, and if that person were to give you suggestions that you didn't morally approve of, you would come out of hypnosis. You will never reveal any information involuntarily, or be made to act in an inappropriate way as you are always in control.

How will I feel after the sessions?

When you emerge from hypnosis, you will remember almost everything that has been said, either by yourself or the hypnotherapist.  More importantly, your subconscious will have heard absolutely everything, and will have started to make the necessary changes to reframe or remove the negative patterns and limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from being successful at what you came into this world to achieve.

After the hypnosis session the only difference you may be aware of is that you feel more relaxed than usual, and you will begin to feel differently about your issues.  When you leave the therapy room, you will be able to drive or go straight back to work or do whatever you need to do. 

In-between the sessions, you may find yourself feeling a little more ‘stirred-up’, but that’s perfectly OK, and actually means that the hypnotherapy is working!  Imagine emptying a very cluttered and untidy cupboard.  You’d have to take everything out and check to see what you want to keep and what you want to throw away, before neatly putting the things you really want to keep back into the cupboard.  This involves making even more of a mess for a very short period of time, but you are so happy to have got that cupboard finally sorted that you don’t mind that temporary mess one little bit!

Practice makes perfect, so you will find that every session of hypnosis is at least ten times more powerful than the previous one.   By the time you complete your course of hypnotherapy, you will have removed or reframed the negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and misperceptions associated with the issue you wanted to resolve. 

Once free of all the negative patterns, the energy that you have been using to not only keep your uncomfortable emotions pushed down, but also to keep the lid on them, will return, and you will feel lighter, brighter, very much more confident and have more vitality and enthusiasm than you thought possible, and be able to think about your future in a much more positive way. 

If you’re willing to change your mind, hypnotherapy with a highly-trained and experienced therapist really can change your life.  

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Online Sessions from home! 

Consider the benefits....

  • Remain in the safety and comfort of your own home
  • Work with a certified online practitioner from anywhere in the world 
  • No time or expense incurred for travel

Does it work just as well as seeing me for in-person session?

Yes it does!

Using hypnotic inductions specially created for online sessions, I can work with you just as effectively as if we were in the same room....

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