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Conditions I Can Help

Ideally, this would be the shortest page on my website...

Physical and emotional conditions are only symptoms.
There is only one place to go to find the underlying causes ~
Your Subconscious Mind.

Working together in partnership, each of us giving 100% commitment,
there is absolutely NO limit to what we might achieve.

So when people ring me or email me and ask ‘Can you cure my problem?',
my answer is always ‘No, only you can do that'.

However, when the question is ‘Can you help me resolve my problem'
I don't even wait to hear what that problem is.

The answer is ‘Yes, I can!'

Still not sure? Then please see below for just some of the conditions I have experience of working with:-

Please read on to find out what you can expect during and after the sessions....

What You Can Expect

Online Hypnotherapy or Past Life Sessions in the comfort of your own home!

I am proud to have been one of the first twelve people in the world to have trained in and been officially certified in Online sessions (and that was way before the Coronavisus lockdown!).  Consider the benefits....

~ Being in the safety and comfort of your own home
~ Working with me from anywhere in the world
~ No time or expense incurred for travel

Does it work just as well as seeing me face-to-face? 
Yes it does!
Using hypnotic inductions specially created for working online, I can work with you just as effectively as if we were in the same room....

For more information on online Hypnotherapy, please click here
And for more information on online Past Life Regression or QHHT, please click here.




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