Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing Hypnosis

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Session Details

Before booking a new client in, I always arrange to have a completely confidential phone or video chat of around 15-20 minutes to discuss your issue and to answer questions.  There is no charge for this call.

Please call or text me on 07973 346 747 or email me  if you're interested to have a chat and learn more about how hypnotherapy or past life regression can help you.  There will be no sales pressure during the call, and that's a promise!  If you're unsure or need more time to think about it, then that is perfectly OK.

Hypnotherapy Session Details

In order to give you the time and commitment you deserve as my client, my sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length.  It is impossible to say how many sessions will be required, but many clients find that six sessions are sufficient for them to achieve their goal.

Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session Details

The first PLR/QHHT session normally runs for approximately 4 hours and is divided into 2 parts, usually just a few days apart.  The first part runs for 1 1/2 hours, during which we go through your forms together in some detail, and then do a short confidence-boosting hypnosis to prepare you for the second part of 2 1/2 hours, when I guide you into experience of a past life (or lives).
Subsequent sessions normally run for approximately 2-3 hours.
For some people, one session is sufficient, but others find that several sessions are required in order to understand and release the accumulated negative effect of actions taken (or avoided) in their 'past lives'.

Please note that shorter Past Life sessions can be booked if required, particularly if you have previous experience of doing PLR or hypnotherapy.  These can also be beneficial for those wanting to do a session out of pure curiosity!

PLR/QHHT sessions are always recorded and usually emailed to you within 24 hours, so you can listen to the recording in the privacy of your home.  It is highly recommended that you play the recording many times in the days and week after the session, and then periodically thereafter, as the healing effect has been shown to be cumulative.

Payment Details

Payment may be made in one of the following ways:-

Account Name:  Niki Cassar

Sort Code:          20-99-40

Account No:       43557685

Payment is required on the day prior to the session.

Spread Payments

If you would like to have a session with me but cannot immediately access the funds to pay for it, I am happy to discuss spread payments.  For example, you could pay one third of the fee at the time of booking the session, then a further third on the day of the session, and the final third one month after the session.   


Online Hypnotherapy or Past Life Sessions in the comfort of your own home!

I am proud to have been one of the first twelve people in the world to have trained in and been officially certified in Online sessions (and that was way before the Coronavisus lockdown!).  Consider the benefits....

~ Being in the safety and comfort of your own home
~ Working with me from anywhere in the world
~ No time or expense incurred for travel

Does it work just as well as seeing me face-to-face? 
Yes it does!
Using hypnotic inductions specially created for working online, I can work with you just as effectively as if we were in the same room....

For more information on online Hypnotherapy, please click here
And for more information on online Past Life Regression or QHHT, please click here.




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