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Bespoke Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Audio Recordings - tailormade just for you!  

Do you have an emotional problem you just can't seem to fix yourself?  It could be anything from a fear, phobia, general or specific anxiety, lack of confidence, over-eating, poor sleep or whatever.  You've tried everything, and some of the things you've tried may have helped but only temporarily.  Hypnotherapy is something you may have thought about, but either you're too nervous about delving into your past, or maybe you don't believe you can afford it.

You may have already bought one or more of the many generic downloads easily available with a quick internet search.  Again, you may have gained some temporary relief, but then the problem came back again.

I'm offering you something very different! I will write and record a Bespoke Self Hypnosis 'session' tailormade just for you, crammed full of powerful and positive suggestion, and send you the recording to be downloaded onto your own device.

Audio sample:

Want to know more?

It begins by you getting in touch, either by phone (call or text) 07973 346 747 or via email:  mail@nikicassar.com  Tell me briefly about your issue, and I will send you a Benefits Form asking you to write down in your own words what it is you want to achieve and how you will feel once you've achieved it.  I will then write and record a personalised Bespoke Self Hypnosis 'session' of around 20 minutes in length, using your own preferred words and phrases - which have shown to be far more effective than those created by others.

Follow-up recordings to reinforce the messages contained in the original version will be offered at a reduced price (see below).


Q:  How often should I listen to my Bespoke Self Hypnosis audio?

A:  As often as possible!  But always when you are sitting or lying down, not whilst being active and especially never whilst driving!  Ideally at least twice daily for 2-3 weeks (longer if you prefer).  In addition, you can even fall asleep listening to it.  Even better, if you are sleeping alone, keep the recording running quietly in the background, on repeat, whilst you sleep!  (The subconscious mind never sleeps - did you know that?)

Q:  Can I listen to it whilst travelling on a train or plane?

A:  Assuming you're not the driver or pilot, and of course wearing earbuds or headphones, then yes most certainly!  However, as this can be an extremely emotional process, I strongly recommend that you listen to it a number of times in a private place where you cannot be disturbed or disturb others.  Once you feel sure that you have stopped experiencing strong emotions, then by all means listen to it whilst you are travelling as a passenger.  You'll be amazed by the added benefit of the journey time seeming to be shorter.

Q:  How long will it take for me to experience changes in my mood or behaviour?

A:  That rather depends on how often you listen to the recording (the subconscious stores information through repetition) and what your problem is.  Also your willingness to change.  For some people, the benefits start to become apparent after just a few days (but this isn't a good reason to stop listening), and for others they may take a little longer.  That's why I recommend listening to your Bespoke Self Hypnosis recording on a daily basis for at least 2-3 weeks as constant repetition is vital to a successful outcome

Q:  Will I go into hypnosis whilst listening to the recording and how will I feel?

A:  Yes, you will but only if you want to.  This is because 'All hypnosis is self-hypnosis'.  If you're prepared to sit back and listen to the recording with a completely open mind, you will find yourself going into an increasingly deep state of hypnosis over time.   If you are very preoccupied with something, you may find it harder to focus on some days.  Don't worry but just stay with it, and you will still achieve the benefits. 

You will be wide awake but your body will become very relaxed and sounds around you will fade into the background and not bother you.  Listening to it whilst going to sleep will almost certainly give you a deeper and more restful sleep (although it may provoke some interesting dreams), but I don't recommend this as the sole usage of the recording as it will not be nearly as effective.

Q:  What happens if I'm interrupted or suddenly need to stop?  

A:  You will just open your eyes and be instantly alert.  Hypnosis is NOT sleep, but a focused state of concentration allowing the subconscious mind to be more open and suggestible.  

Q:  Is this suitable for PTSD or if I am aware of any traumatic events in my past including my suspicion that I may have been sexually-abused as a child?

A:  Definitely not!  Please seek the advice of a health professionao for these issues, or contact me for further details of how I can help you on a one-to-basis.  (Please see further notes below.)

Q:  Will this be as effective as seeing you for a course of Hypnotherapy?

A:  Whether you see me online, in person, or listen to a bespoke recording, there are no cast-iron guarantees as to the outcome.  Bespoke Self Hypnosis is not intended as a replacement for doing a course of hypnotherapy with me, during which I help you to find and neutralise the roots and causes of your issue.  However, for many people, there are huge benefits from the regular use of a tailormade recording rather than using a generic and non-exclusive download.  

And the cost?

The cost of each Bespoke Self Hypnosis recording includes the following:-

Initial communication between us
Completion by you of a Benefits Form, with agreed changes where required
The creation of a personalised script by me, just for you
The recording of the finished script
The finished Bespoke Self Hypnosis audio 'session' sent to you for download onto your personal device

Total cost £85

Follow up recordings of around 15 minutes, intended to reinforce the positive suggestions in the original version, can be requested.  The price of these is £50.

Terms:  Payment to be made on confirmation, by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

Please note:  Self-hypnosis is completely safe and can be highly effective in neutralising relatively minor issues, but is not intended as a replacement for medication or surgery.  It is not suitable for anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious mental condition, nor for resolving past traumatic events (PTS or PTSD) which should only be addressed when working with a trained mental health professional.

If in doubt, please call or email me, or seek the advice of your healthcare professional before proceeding.






Online Sessions in your own home! 

Consider the benefits....

  • Remain in the safety and comfort of your own home
  • Work with a certified online practitioner from anywhere in the world 
  • No time or expense incurred for travel

Does it work just as well as seeing me for in-person session?

Yes it does!

Using hypnotic inductions specially created for online sessions, I can work with you just as effectively as if we were in the same room....

For more information on Online Hypnotherapy, please click here
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Past Life Regression Gift Vouchers 


Gift Vouchers 

Are you searching for a very special and unusual gift for someone you love?  Give them one of these beautiful Gift Vouchers and you may both get to know what was your relationship in a former life!  Costing just £180 for a 2 hour 'Beginners' Past Life Regression session or £240 for a 3 hour QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session, either online or in-person, this attractive voucher printed on 250gsm card can either be posted directly to the recipient or to the buyer.* 

Call me on 07973 346 747 or email me to buy one now.

*Vouchers are valid for 2 months from date of purchase.



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