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Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing

Once the client has been regressed to one or more past lives, we are then free to explore them in some detail, including information about the 'main character', background, family and other relationships; also to learn about the most significant events within that lifetime.  As I said previously, this approach brings a lot of insight into the causes of both emotional and physiological issues that the client may be struggling with in the current lifetime. 

Knowledge is power, and bringing important information to the forefront of the mind almost always allows a shift of perception and a change in patterns.  These changes are sometimes quite fast and dramatic, but mostly they happen gradually, almost imperceptibly, often over a period of several months.

In the latter part of the session, and once permission has been given to speak with the client's Higher Self, I can ask questions to gain further understanding of the client's purpose in this life; learn about ‘contracts' made between souls prior to incarnation and come to realise why apparently painful choices have been made.

I then request that the Higher Self does a complete ‘body scan' and reveals information about any problems that require attention. 

The next step is for me to ask the Higher Self to give instant healing for both physiological and emotional problems.  If the Higher Self agrees it is appropriate, then the client can be certain that something is taking place that is outside our normal realm of experience.  

Sometimes the Higher Self will give advice and suggestions as to what further work needs to be done by the 'self' (the client) before the healing manifests from the energetic to the physical level.  The client's own belief system can also interfere with the outcome ~ scepticism and doubt can block the process so that the healing remains at the energetic level.

During the healing process, the client will very often experience ‘something' happening.  This can vary a lot, but my clients have reported seeing different colours; feeling a tingly sensation in parts of their body; having a sense of being gently caressed by loving hands; occasionally having internal digging or cutting sensations (as if surgery is being performed) and generally experiencing being enfolded and embraced with beautiful loving energy.

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