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Practising the Art of Now-ism!

As I’m writing this column, we’re finishing the seventh week of self-distancing, and we still don't know how many weeks still to go before our cell doors are unlocked and we're released!  It’s been fascinating hearing how people are coping with this totally unique situation, with no manual or rulebook to guide us through, and a whole lot of information and misinformation coming at us from every direction.  Judging by the high number of calls and emails I’ve been receiving; many people are experiencing
increased levels of anxiety and fear, which is never a healthy state to be in.

The main theme of this piece is to encourage us all to remain in the NOW, whilst recognising all the good and positive benefits of a large percentage of the world’s population sharing and dealing with the same experience. Our sense of community has been strengthened, our kindness and compassion magnified, our willingness to help others has soared to unbelievably high levels, and many of us have rediscovered the simple things in life that can bring pleasure to ourselves and to others.  This beautiful planet we have either ignored or abused is being given a chance to breathe and heal, and in turn, nature will also surely benefit. 

None of us actually know what lies ahead of us, and worrying about it has a negative impact on our immune system, so why not start practising the Art of Now-ism?  To put it simply, Now-ism is allowing yourself to remain in the Here and Now, and not look back to the past with regrets for what might have been, nor look to the future with anxiety or fear.  Every time you find yourself thinking about either the past or the future in a negative way, practice saying the word NOW firmly and kindly to yourself, and simultaneously bring yourself fully back to the present moment, whilst giving gratitude for all the good things in your life, no matter how small or simple. 

Over time, and with repetition, this simple practice will work increasingly well, and you will find yourself feeling much calmer and more relaxed.  And if you need further help, please do call me for a free, confidential chat on 01963 371 695 or 07073 346 747.  Or you can email me at mail@nikicassar.com.


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