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Client Stories

Parallel Life as a man called Henry


Client's Aims and Issues

My client, who I shall call Paul, was a man in his late thirties.  He had a number of issues he wanted to explore, with inexplicable anxiety and problematic relationships at the top of his list.  He had a history of drug and alcohol abuse which was well under control, but he was interested to know why he had chosen to use so many different substances.

Entering the past life

Paul was an easy and co-operative hypnotic subject.  Unlike some people new to hypnosis and regression work, he spoke quickly and confidently from the outset.  There was a lot of emotion expressed throughout the session - mostly sadness in the form of tears and a choked voice.

He describes being in a street with destroyed buildings, "Like there's a war on.  I feel really emotional now."  He says he is a small boy, wearing a second-hand school uniform and a green cap with a badge.  He is proudly carrying a leather satchel which is brand new.  He has short hair, slicked over with some kind of oily product.  He feels lost and scared amongst the rubble.

The boy's name is Henry and he thinks he's about 5 and the year is possibly 1943.

I direct him back to an earlier, happier time.

The boy's home and family

It's Sunday morning and his mum is holding him in her arms.  It seems he is a very young baby.  He's aware of his dad, who's wearing a striped shirt, braces and brown tweed trousers and seems to be feeling very proud.  His mum's hair is worn in a bob with curls and he thinks she's very elegant.  "They're happy because I'm there."

Paul describes being in a small and humble room with a table set with a toast rack, a butter jar, and a pot of jam.  His sister Charlotte who is five years older is also there.  She has blonde hair, long and curly, and she's very noisy!   They are all happy and content

We move to a significant event in the future.

Henry's workplace

Henry says he's now 25 and in an office overlooking a factory floor where they are manufacturing car parts.  He's just been promoted to manager and is feeling very proud.  "I've done very well and I'm successful.  But there's something not quite right... I've got a feeling still.... from when I was 5 and the bomb went off."

I instruct him to follow the feeling back.

He's back in mum and dad's flat in London, trying on his new school uniform, even though school hasn't yet started.  He's very proud of his new shiny leather satchel that his Dad worked really hard to pay for. 

Henry says he can see the future in this moment.  He can see his desk in the factory, with glass windows overlooking the machine shop where people are working.  It's a happy place.  "I'm only 5 but I know this, I can see it.  Mum and dad don't know I can see it.  Others can't see what I can see - they wouldn't understand it."

Alone and scared

Suddenly a bomb goes off with a big bang.  Henry doesn't know how but he ends up outside, still wearing his uniform and carrying his satchel.  He says they're gone - all dead, his mum and dad and sister.  He feels alone and scared.  Yet even though he doesn't know what to do or where to go, he knows everything will turn out alright.  "This too shall pass and make me stronger, help me get to where I've got to go. Part of the programme, part of the plan."

He continues by saying that someone or something is there with him all the time, looking over him.  He understands that sometimes it means hurt or pain, but he says there's no need to doubt.  It's about knowing he's on the right course and that the future will be what he wants it to be.  "I can create reality, fantasy, whatever. I can be whatever I want to be."

We move forward to the office in the factory.

The sign on the desk and door says Managing Director.  Henry is only 25 but his boss saw potential in him from a young age.  After the bomb went off, he was sent to an orphanage.  It wasn't the happiest of experiences, but he came away with people skills, able to connect with people of all ages.

A big undertaking

The significance of this day is that the boss has just died, unexpectedly leaving him the company as he had no children of his own and had informally adopted Henry some years ago.  Henry is very excited, and also very scared as it's a big undertaking.

He tells me it's a busy factory, staffed only with women.  He has good fun and knows he can connect with them, because he listens, not dictates.  Unlike most men, he treats women with respect, and they in turn respect him.

Henry says he doesn't yet have a wife but she's coming.  By the time he's 30, he'll be married to a woman called Celia and they'll have two children.  The eldest will be a boy, and there'll be a girl 3 years younger who he says he'll call Charlotte after his sister.  At 25 he doesn't know the exact details but isn't worried because he knows it's going to happen.  "I can create it.  If you think something you can make it happen." 

I ask Paul to integrate all the information so far and allow it to be shared between his conscious and subconscious mind.  He says:

"I am like Henry in my current life.  I see so many similarities.  You need to uncover fear or it stays with you for rest of life.  Look at what you have got, not what you haven't.  I had the same power in that life as this life.  You can create your own reality.  The only thing that holds you back is your imagination.  If you can imagine it, it can happen, you've done it already.

I need to let go of fear, and by doing that, just have that knowing.  It's not about the past, it's not about the future.  I must live in the present, in the here and now."

The last day of Henry's life

He says it's night time and he can see his gravestone but he's not scared.  He's had a good life, actually quite a simple, humble life even though he could have had an extravagant exciting one.  He and his family had a good, healthy, wholesome life, because that's what they chose and he's grateful for some good times.

Now it's time to move on, say goodbye.  He's 79 and there's nothing seriously wrong with him, just some aches and pains but he's never have been one to complain.  He's in the bedroom on the top floor, in a big house near London in what they call the Home Counties.  It's actually a very grand house and he always felt it was too grand, but his wife liked it and secretly, deep down, he does like it and is rather proud.  He says that his wife Celia is as beautiful now as she was the day that he met her.  They love each other deeply and he's sad to say goodbye.

He recalls that his parents' names were Rodney and Camilla and they were good, honest, hard-working people.  Even at the point of death, it still makes him a bit sad to think of them.  He'd like to say he's dealt with it but actually he hasn't done so, but instead he buried it.  "It's OK, carry on, stiff upper lip and all that... soldier on through..."

He just stop breathings and lets go, feeling very peaceful.

Leaving the physical body

As Henry leaves his physical body, he experiences very bright light and hands coming down to greet him.  As he floats off, he can see all his family around his bed.  They're upset but he knows it will pass.  His feeling now is the contentment that he felt as a child; a knowing, knowing everything.  He knows all there is to be known because he's back in the Source, back ‘Home'.  It feels warm and cosy and he says it's good to be back.  He's missed so many people (even though they're not actually ‘people') - ones that he's known over the years, although not years because there's no time (he laughs).  He's been away from Home for a long time, but it's not a long time... it's not very long at all ...

The purpose of the life as Henry

Now in spirit form and looking back on the life of Henry, he recalls that he chose that life because it was hard.  The childhood was make-or-break and it took a lot of strength to get through.  He wrote that path and it unfolded because he wrote it.  It required inner strength and the faith he needed to carry him through.  .

The lessons from that life

"You can have anything you want, absolutely anything, but material possessions do not buy happiness.  Having family with you - people, relationships - is what that world is all about.  Cars and houses and property and land... the clothes you wear, it's nothing to do with it, completely insignificant.  When we're there, we think that's what it's all about but it's not, it's nothing.  It's the relationships we make and it's how we treat others - the experiences we gain from others and the experiences we give to others - that's what it's about, that's what one must focus on."

How well did Henry do?

"The boy done good, as they say."  He was fair but he didn't suffer fools gladly when action needed to be taken.  He didn't allow himself to be walked over and could be strict but only when necessary.  He was happy, joyful, playful - he was a character!  He brought light to many lives when normally there would be darkness.  That's why he ended up running the factory, because the workers didn't have very good lives.  He couldn't solve all their problems but he kind of took the sting out of it for them.  If he could help them he would, and he made the little differences.  That's what counted, and that's what he was respected for.

What didn't he do, or what could he have done better?

Henry could have dealt with more stuff.  Everything he did was for others and by being outwardly focused, he didn't have to look inward to himself.  He got by, but by not dealing with himself, there were compromises in the form of his family life.  He gave much love but he never really loved himself.  He liked himself, he was content with himself, but he couldn't allow himself to love himself, because that meant looking inward to that day when he was a child... that fear.  He never dealt with it.

He wished he'd addressed that fear by opening up and talking about it, and by sharing that experience publicly and letting others know what he'd been through.  He was a proud man and he felt by saying he'd come from nothing it was rubbing others' noses in it, because they hadn't done what he'd done.  By owning that, he could have given great inspiration to others.

Henry's relationships

He now understood the importance of allowing oneself to become intimate - not in the physical sense but emotionally intimate with one's partner.  Also, to be vulnerable, and to allow that vulnerability rather than trying to shut it away; that is the key to relationships.  "It's not being fearful about being hurt, but being totally at one with oneself when you're with another. You need to love yourself before you can love another."

ﻬ ﻬ ﻬ ﻬ ﻬ

The Higher Self

Paul's Higher Self spoke with a strong and confident voice, often displaying impatience as if wanting to convey a lot of information in the linear time available.

Why was Paul shown this life? 

Mirror match.  Paul is so similar to Henry and the feelings are the same, so they resonate through him.  The feelings Henry had as a child are the same feelings that Paul had as a child; the same feelings of fear mirroring through this life because he hasn't dealt with them.  He didn't deal with them in the last life so he's dealing with them now.

Is this a parallel life?  Is Henry still alive in another reality? *

Yes. Paul is still struggling with this idea.  Paul is living out the same reality as Henry.  They are living the same things at the same time, which is why he had the feelings of the child that he could never explain: the overwhelming fear that he felt for no apparent reason; the anxiety that ran through him - it's all happening at the same time...

* Note:  If Henry was born in 1938 and died at 79, this would mean that this parallel reality character is still alive and will apparently die in 2017.  As the parallel reality is almost certainly in another universe, it is unlikely that Paul would ever be able to track him down!

Like bleeding through from one to another?

Exactly.  That is why one of them needs to deal with it.

If one of them deals with it, it will have an effect upon the other and they will both benefit?

Yes indeed, as they are both the same person, so it doesn't matter who does it.  Paul can heal Henry.  Henry will not heal because we've seen what happens when he goes through to the end.  Paul has the opportunity to not only heal himself but to heal himself in another form, in another life, and to make a change, a positive impact.  Everything that was going on for Henry is going on for Paul.

Paul's relationships seem to have lasted for only 7 days, particularly in the past 7 years.  Is there any significance in this?

Indeed there is.  It's a sign.  He didn't see the significance of the 7, but you did.  He can learn from it and that's the reason why he came here today.  The time is nearly right.  The work he's doing is the right work.  He's going about things the right way.  He needs to carry on with the work he's doing; he mustn't stop.  He's been having thoughts of stopping; he's wanted to chuck the towel in and run away.  He CAN NOT DO THAT.  He needs to keep doing it in order that he can love himself [choke in Paul's voice].  This is so, so, SO important.

Future relationships - must he learn to love himself first?

Yes.  He's already met the person; he knows them.  Things will integrate when the time is right.  He is very wise in what he knows because he has lived many times, many lives before.  The lessons he's learning now are quite advanced lessons.  He's given himself an extremely hard option in this life and he was warned that it would be difficult.  However, he wanted the greater gains.  He is now paying the price, but the gains in Life will be the same as in the Spirit world.  Once he gets through the work, the gains will be great, and he's known this from the start, but sometimes he chooses to ignore this.

How many previous lives has Paul had, and in what form?

He's had 79 previous lives.  Other planets, forms, dimensions.  Numbers or locations are not important, it's all relative.  It doesn't matter if there are 2 or 10 going on at the same time, what matters is the quality not the quantity.  You will get people who have lived thousands of lives and that is because they've not learnt the lessons.  You get people who've lived 5 lives and yet they are at the top level because they've learnt the lessons; they've done it quickly, efficiently.  Numbers are insignificant - it's your linear time that you work to; it doesn't matter.

Paul's earlier battle with alcohol and drugs - did he choose these experiences?

Yes, of course he knew about this before he came in.  He knew exactly what he was letting himself in for.  The first part of his life was paved out.  There have been exit points as tests.  If it was getting too much for him, he had the option to leave and come back home.  The reason he's gone through these challenges is to make him stronger; to give him the experience so that he can then share it with others, heal and teach others.  What he's now learnt from Henry's life is that he doesn't need to repeat the same mistakes.  He is the same as Henry - the inspiration he can give to others, he needs to deliver it.  There's no point taking it with him, back to Spirit.  It's useless in Spirit.  Here and now he can help people.

Paul's fear of conflict  

Overlap from Henry!  When Henry was in the orphanage as a young child, he would get beaten by the older boys.  That's where he gets the fear of not being able to fight back and he will overcome it once he understands himself.  Paul thinks it's the physical, but it's the emotional confidence and assertiveness that he requires.  He's caught up in the physical but it's purely emotional and that is why he sees these things to try and help him to learn.  Everything will become clear once he is happy and content with himself.  At that time, all these things will manifest.

Paul is not an alcoholic.  Everyone makes choices.  His choice is to use things to cover up his emotions. If he dealt with his emotions, then he wouldn't need to cover them up.  It's not really rocket science.

The anxiety he experiences - does it stem from the robbery he witnessed when he was a small boy?

Yes, he didn't experience any before that.  Also, he's got everything double because he's chosen to live two lives at the same time, two very challenging lives.  He was warned about this; it was brought to his attention that each one of these lives, by themselves, were extremely hard and challenging.  By having them run together, both will resonate through each other.  You'll get mirroring and there's a lot of transference goes on from the emotions; this is why he's unable to explain a lot of things.

What is the cause of the Reynolds Phenomena causing icy fingers and toes?

Anxiety and stress.  This can be cured, be solved. 

Nail biting and picking?

Anxiety and stress!


Anxiety and stress!

Knee problems?

Knees are a hereditary condition, passed through the bloodline.  He got this from his father, but again... anxiety and stress! 

How best can Paul help himself in his daily life?

He is the creator of his own reality.  He knows this very well.  The problem with Paul is that he sits in his own self-pity a lot, so he needs to step out his self-pity and start looking at life more proactively.  He knows he can create whatever he wants, but he chooses not to.  Instead he chooses to work to hide from his emotions and he sabotages relationships.  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.  He says this often to others!  If you want something, GO AND GET IT. 

Can you give Paul some healing?

Yes.  He needs emotional healing right now because he's struggling.  We'll put this in place over the next five days; it will be very subtle and he won't notice it.  We'll give him a bit of extra help - a platform - but he needs to keep doing the work himself.  The platform won't get him to the top; it's only a stepping stone.  We won't do this all the time - we'll do it now because he's trying very hard.  He's here to see you and this will be a catalyst for him if he allows it to be. 

He will have a lot more energy, a new type of energy, but again, this is limited.  He MUST look after himself; he must eat well, he must exercise, he must maintain, keep things up.  There is no point if he lets things slip.  He spends too much time running off the ‘addict'.  ‘It's because I'm an addict' he says.  It's a useful excuse.  Self-pity: look at me, poor me...that's what he used to say.

I request that the HS does a complete body scan including Reynolds, knees and more...

He is healthy and well.  The knees, as you said earlier, are about moving forward and his spiritual progression.  They will soften - they will never be perfect but they will be OK for what he wants to do.  Reynolds will take time but it will come good.  We will start work now, putting things in place, but a lot of the work he has to do himself.  There is no quick fix on the human plane, no instant fixes; you need to work for things.  That's why you're there.  It's not a holiday.  When you come Home, that's your holiday.  Now it's time to work!

He is on the right path.  Keep going as you're going.  Have faith, that same faith that Henry's got.  Have that knowing.  It will help see you through.  You can have whatever you want.  You can create anything.  If you want it, GO AND GET IT!

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