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This isn't an area I'm altogether comfortable with, inasmuch as you, the Reader, have no idea whether or not anything I include on this page is genuine or (heaven forbid!) I've made it up.  I can only promise you that I haven't done so....

My agreement with my Clients is that I may use their testimonials in order to encourage others to have therapy, but the majority do not wish their name to be used.  I can only give you my word that every 'testimonial' you read in this section is absolutely genuine, and you can then decide for yourself whether to believe me, or to not believe me!  Where names are mentioned, they are done so with the written permission of the client.

By the way, I have quite deliberately not mentioned what issue each Client came to see me for (although some of their comments do make that clear), or whether they came for Hypnotherapy or QHHT/Past Life Regression.  Ultimately, in my view, it really doesn't matter WHY they were here, only that they were successful.


As with all the other testimonials on here, I too can attest to the wonderful benefits hypnotherapy can bring and how it can change your life and yourself.  For me the changes were subtle, but no less profound.

My hypnotherapy experience with Niki has been truly eye-opening, I knew I couldn’t carry on the pattern of behaviour I had found myself stuck in, as I had seen so many times the negative ways it was affecting my closest relationships with my friends and family. Walking into Niki’s therapy room for the first time, I felt instantly calm, reassured and relaxed and totally safe as she guided me through my sessions, and helped me work through and remove the out-of-date, incorrect information I had been storing for so long.  I realised deep-down that this process was probably something I had neglected but needed to do for quite some time.  

I’m therefore incredibly pleased and infinitely grateful I had the opportunity to meet and work with Niki, and so proud of myself for the work I completed with her.  If you’d asked me 6 months’ ago where I saw myself in a few months’ time, my answer would have been one of uncertainty, concerned that I would still be prone to bouts of anxiety and unable to break the cycle.  Stuck.  But now I know that no matter what the future holds for me, I know I’ll be in a better place and better equipped to handle it.

The confident, happy, strong person I am was always there, I just lost myself in a fog of self-doubt and despair after a series of painful and unnerving events, but Niki helped me find that person again and helped restore my confidence and self-esteem.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.



It was an amazing session indeed!  Not in my wildest dreams had I imagined such an extraordinary outcome, and yet some part of me must have known it all along. You made me feel incredible safe and welcome and I am grateful to have had my first session under your guidance.

Thank you, once again, for everything and your quiet patience.


I am a Therapist who came for therapy. Niki is my 1st choice of Therapist, totally brilliant. I refer with utmost peace of mind. Niki is very open-minded, so you are freely able to open up without being judged. You are going on the journey safely together. Niki's insights are profound and will open your healing up to the highest level that you are ready for. 

Niki has 100% healed my acid-reflux, through QHHT. The burning was caused by past-life anger. After Jack the Ripper murdered my friend, I realised who he was. I reported him to the Police. They detained but eventually released him. He went on to murder more women. I, therefore, developed the unresolved anger about him being released, which lasted for the rest of that lifetime.

Since having the QHHT session with Niki, I have had absolutely no acid-reflux at all. It has been permanently fixed. Having a QHHT session is such an eternal blessing to free you from any akashic events that need solving. I had another session just to explore my previous lifetimes and see who I am at a deeper level, which really perked up my self-esteem. It also showed me that after harsh lifetimes, we get rewarded in the following lifetime hugely. Thus, keep going ---



I would like to thank you for your help in trying to solve my problems in the last two and a half months.  After I left your room and got into the car, something strange happened to me.  Suddenly I was invaded by a very strong emotion and freedom feeling.  Suddenly I could see as clearly as never who I truly am...I couldn't stop crying of happiness.  Now I am still feeling free, like if I had been in a prison for 30 years and now I am walking around the streets amazed the world is not just that cell that I was living in before.


Thank you very much for helping me to deal with the pain and trauma following my road traffic accident in which I sustained a whiplash injury. When I first saw you I was in a state of shock, high anxiety and with constant pain in my head. With your assistance I have regained my confidence to drive and learnt how to deal with the pain and pressure that I was feeling.

At the same time I have been able to explore the roots of these feelings and therefore my life has benefited more than I could ever have imagined at the beginning of the treatment. It has been an amazing journey that has enabled something good to come out of the difficult experience of the accident.


As a fellow hypnotherapist, I understand how powerful hypnotherapy (and particularly regression) can be. Therefore, I had a QHHT session with Niki as a final step in my personal growth. The goal was to remove any connections to the past that were holding me back in relationships, success and health.

During the session, I noticed how likes and interests I have in this lifetime linked directly to my past lives. I saw how my reactions to things originated there and how events in this life matched past events.

Niki showed genuine care. While her reassuring manner comforted me, her clear understanding of therapy guided and supported me. She understood what I wanted to achieve and stayed on course, overlooking nothing. As a result, I now feel more balanced and more ‘me’. It is only a week later, and I already see positive changes. 

You are in good hands with Niki. I recommend her to anyone who is considering her services. She is an excellent therapist who works hard to achieve the desired results. 

V Beaumont


When I met Niki, I genuinely thought that she was going to sit me in her magic chair and 'cure' me. I didn't think that I had to DO anything, I am used to paying people to do things FOR me and getting the job done but I had no idea how much hard work hypnotherapy was going to be.  Niki gently but with challenge, brought me through a fabulous process and has changed my life forever.
In the beginning I thought 'This is easy, no bother, I can do this, lie back in a nice big chair and LISTEN' but as the weeks went on, Niki actually wanted me to 'think' AND 'talk'. I actually thought to myself 'No I've come here to listen and you're job is to cure me, I don't have to do anything, don't ask me to work'. I found it very uncomfortable to talk about how I was feeling, sometimes painful and sometimes lost for words, as the mountain got harder to climb and I started to loose all hope. At one stage I thought this isn't for me.
I think the main difficulty was giving up the control of what I had perceived to be my life, to be asked to peel back the mask and see the mess, I really felt that this was too painful to face but in the same vein, I knew that this was what was causing my over eating and in turn sadness!!
In facing the truth I had hit a rock face of 90 degrees and wanted to turn back. With Niki's reassurance that she would, without fail, help me, I could in fact face the fear of telling myself the truth, be honest with myself, however painful the climb became. 
Niki encouraged me to push through the difficult sessions and the results were fabulous.  
I look back now and think that Niki is a very thorough, warm, persistent, tenacious, professional hypnotherapist but at the time (when she was helping me help myself!!) I did not like her!! I am laughing at the stupidity of paying somebody to help me and then fighting them when the going gets tough.
I was probably the most annoying, obstreperous, complicated client Niki has ever had but she has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into my life!! And for that I will always be grateful.
She has, by holding my hand, succeeded when countless others have failed.

Without the light that you have brought into my life, I think that the pain I go through now may have been too much to carry on.  That is said to emphasise the difference you have made and hopefully make you feel good, not in anyway to sound dependant on you.  Not trying to say I would kill myself without you, only that if you had not come along when you did, well I just don't think I would be here. You have made me see I am worthy of my life and that if I am the only person who thinks that, then that's enough.


As you know, thanks to you, I have flown to New York to visit my beautiful daughter and I hope to fly again very soon.   A small step for most people ... a huge one for me!

Hope all is well and I wish you happiness always.


I want to let you know that after having two sessions of [QHHT] therapy with you, I am in total bliss right now.

What I realise is that I was too attached and stubborn with my own ideas and images of myself and was not letting go.  My ego was resisting and all the time I was trying to do things MY way, which was a long standing habit, but with your help, I have witnessed my ego and am not going to let it control my life anymore. I have learnt to step aside and surrender to the higher self, which brings an inner peace, calmness and joy into my life.

Miraculously, people who I used to resent and judge have now begun to be my teachers as I see my own reflection in them and each time I encounter any person towards whom I feel angry, intolerant or angry, I start asking myself what it is that I am seeing of myself and what it is that I need to change in MYSELF. This recognition has brought a huge amount of awareness of who I really am, and its about me, not other people.

Initially for the first week I was feeling very down and that was probably because a lot of stuff that had been inside of me was being released, but after that, there was an inner peace, and contentment as I gradually started accepting everything that came out. As you had said, it was a process and really it was.

I have been getting more and more confident each day whilst releasing more negativity in the form of letting go and accepting things as they come.

I have come to realise that my real self is much grander than what I believed myself to be and it all came into my realisation when you called my higher self in one of the sessions and the answers it came up with.

I would recommend anybody having an inner conflict to have a healing therapy with you.

With my innermost blessings to you and your work.  Carry on doing the good work!


Thank you again for all you did for me.  To date I've lost 2 stone, gone down a dress size and now I actually like what I see looking back in the mirror at me. I still enjoy a drink in the evening but nothing like what it used to be and generally overall I am a different person. 


Well for the first time in months I had a night out!!! I actually went to a night club with friends and enjoyed myself!!! I planned the evening in advance and attended the club on my own, meeting my pals inside. I danced all night long!!! I wouldn't have imagined myself doing that last month. It would have been impossible for me. I've contacted all of my old friends, who I've put off seeing for months due to this anxiety disorder or whatever it is.

Even though I still feel its 'early days' for me, I've achieved more since seeing you last week than I have all year. Niki, you are a miracle worker, you are an angel!!!

I can't thank you enough for your incredible support, kindness, patience and understanding. You have been a godsend Niki.

Thank God people like you exist!


It's so nice being me again and everyone is commenting how well I look and how happy I am and I know that there is more to come (which is quite exciting), every day gets easier and I am stronger and more confident so I feel really positive about the future.  Not only has my work life improved and the ability to deal with day to day issues, even my personal life is picking up and instead of doubting why these people like me I just accept it and don't look at everything and everyone with having an ulterior motive. 

I'm very sorry that I don't get to thank you in person for all your help and in all honesty it's hard to put into words how grateful I am for your help in getting my life back.  There may be blips in the radar but I am confident that I can deal with these with what you have taught me.


Thank you for helping me through my problems. Right from the first session you made me feel at ease and really connected with you. You helped me work through my self-esteem issues and now I feel like a new person. I'm comfortable with me and I'm finally at peace with myself.


Thank you so much for the treatment the other day. It was a truly amazing experience and since being regressed I have felt different more at peace with myself. So many things make sense now so I'd like to say a very big thank you to you.

I am just getting ready to go on holiday and will be travelling to the airport very soon. I have been looking forward to going to the sea and the thought of swimming in it doesn't frighten me anymore.

You have a great gift and you have changed my life for the better.

(Follow-up from same Client)

I am back from my hols and guess what?! .. I swam in the sea!! I felt so confident that I actually snorkelled!!

My fear of knives has gone too and I am feeling a lot more maternal as well. I held my cousins baby yesterday and it felt amazing!!

Since having the regression I have felt a lot lighter, a lot clearer, and my fears have cleared. It is definitely something I would do again.

Thanks Niki and I hope many more will benefit from your amazing gift.


I made the best speech of my life last week! And, was told afterwards - it was the best speech of the whole event!!


I feel that the hypnotherapy I received from you was brilliant. I have been absolutely fine since we ended the sessions four years ago and haven't had a panic attack since. I get a bit anxious sometimes in certain situations but I know exactly how to deal with it.

I feel like a completely different person and I'm much, much happier.
Whenever I speak to people who have a similar problem I always recommend hypnotherapy as for me it was the only thing that worked. Thank you for all you did.


In the first few days I was sceptical as what I saw -  I felt I'd seen it on TV or just made it up, but in a way relieved, it would make sense why I was drawn so strongly to [person's name in this life] as some of the regression was so similar to my life now. 
As the weeks went on it made me feel emotionally stronger ..... 

I would recommend QHHT to others if appropriate and they are open minded and curious enough.

I am feeling that it was a beneficial experience to add to my book of knowledge of who I am and what I am here to learn and how to ease the painful experiences!  Thanks for your support.



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