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The Downside to Emotional Attachment

If you're not familiar with the idea of emotional attachment, here's my take on it. When we get fixated on an idea or p...


Experiencing Trauma and Death in a Past Life Session

Many people are fearful of ‘what might happen' if they were to access a past life where they were badly hurt or ha...


The Challenge of Clashing Soul Contracts!

In my work with Clients, I've increasingly come to appreciate the clash that often occurs between our various Soul Contr...


Doing Your Best

DOING YOUR BEST 'The past is over.  It is time to ask what we can do right, not what we did wrong.  Forgive y...


Celebrate Those Down and Depressed Days!

  We all have them, don't we?  Those days when we wake up, wishing we didn't have to get out of bed and face ...


Living With the Dying: a 'tail' of life and death.

In June this year, my little dog, Maisie, died in my arms.  She had been my faithful friend for 10 wonderful years,...


Self Love and Self Acceptance

How many people do you know who you believe really love themselves? Jot down their names and then think again.  Wha...


What is a Soulmate?

I'm regularly asked about soulmates, particularly by clients seeing me for past life sessions; they quite often want...


A Lot of Dieting is Wishful Shrinking

  Are you a yo-yo dieter?  Joined diet groups, read books, tried every healthy eating programme you can find?...


Sleep, Sleep, Perfect Sleep

  Sleep studies conducted globally show without exception that we all need a good night’s sleep, with some d...


IBS - a Pain in the Gut

  Irritable Bowel Syndrome – A Pain in the Gut! IBS affects at least one third of the British population, w...


Fly with the Eagles or scratch with the Chickens?

 Fly With the Eagles or Scratch With the Chickens? There are many websites listing the top 10 fears that people su...


Online Sessions - in the comfort of your own home!

I am now 'seeing' an increasing number of clients online, meaning that you don't have to travel to see me face-to-face!

Using the latest hypnotic inductions specially created for working online, I can help you to achieve your goals just as swiftly and effectively as if you were with me in my therapy room....

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