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Client Stories

The Moroccan Maiden

The client's issues and her desired outcome

This lady, whom I shall call Emily, had some physical issues, including a painful lower back; watering eyes and chronic throat problems.  She was interested to explore the root causes of these, and discover if they related to past lives or her current life.  She also wanted to understand the contracted purpose of this life and how she could help people using her knowledge of the power of crystals. Additionally, she hoped to gain insight into her recurring dreams, and to know if she had ever had extra-terrestrial contact.

Setting the scene

Once in a deep state of hypnosis, Emily describes herself as a girl in her late teens wearing an ankle-length robe in a natural colour.  She has bangles on her right arm and an anklet of blue and red stone.  Her long dark hair is worn loose.

She can see sand all around her, lots of space. Everything she sees is in shades of ochre and yellow.  The air is hot and dry.  She believes she is in Morocco.

She feels she is waiting for someone, and becomes aware of somebody approaching the distance, the image shimmering in the heat. 

It is a man, riding on a camel. He is a big man with a black beard, wearing a long black robe and a striped headdress with a knotted band holding it in place.  She describes him as being like an Arab sheik and senses this man is her father.

Her father's encampment

He lifts her up in front of him and they ride together.  She feels safe and comfortable.  They arrive at an encampment with lots of black tents.  He holds her hand and guides her to the inside of a large tent where there are other men seated in a circle, all wearing white.  'This is Aida' [pronounced Ay-eeda] he tells them, and then indicates that she should sit down next to him.  There are other women in the background who nod at her.  They bring a bowl of warm milk for her to drink.  The men are looking at her curiously as if they had been expecting her.

She begins to understand that he brought her here to his home camp with the intention of marrying her off. 

One of the women takes her away from the group and gives her bowls of asses milk sprinkled with herbs to give to the men, who all seem quite old to the girl.  This is some kind of marriage market!

A young man, dark and bare-chested, enters the tent through a flap at the back and she thinks he looks nice.  She would prefer to marry him than one of the older men.  The other woman tells him to go back outside and round up the horses.

The girl's rebellion

The girl tells her father she wants to leave the tent and he agrees.  Outside, she asks him why he has brought her here, and he tells her that she is of an age when it is time for her to settle down and make her own life.  She cries out that she doesn't want it to be with one of the old men in the tent, and he seems to understand.

Her eyes follow the young man who is tending to six glossy black horses with coloured saddle cloths.  She asks her father if she can ride one and he tells the young man to take her for a ride.  She senses that her father feels sorry for her. 

As they trot off, the girl [also Emily, it seemed] seems exhilarated and says ‘I can ride this horse!'  Apart from the saddle cloth, she is riding bareback, with no saddle or stirrups.

The young man's family

The young man asks why she was at the camp and when she explains, he replies ‘What a waste!' He then offers to take her to meet his family at their encampment.  They ride for a long way and arrive at another settlement of tents, not as large as those at her father's encampment.  She notices lots of goats wandering around.

He takes her inside one of the tents to meet his mother, and explains that the girl has had a confusing experience.  The woman is very welcoming and they sit on the ground and share bowls of steaming goat's stew which the girl eats with enjoyment.

The young man is employed by the wealthy group of men to catch wild horses for them and she becomes aware that her father is a very important man, some kind of chieftain, and she wonders what she can do to help herself.

When they return to her father, he tells her he doesn't want her to mix with a horse trader's family, but wants her to marry one of his people.  She cries and he softens and says it doesn't have to happen immediately.  He agrees to her staying in his encampment for just one year, and then she must marry.  A year seems like a long time and she feels relieved.

Living amongst the women

Over the next few months, she lives amongst the kindly women.  She learns how to weave on a wooden loom, making fibre out of goat and camel air.  They make their own dyes using the desert ochre for natural colours and lapis lazuli for the colour blue.  They weave carpets, saddle cloths and undyed fabric for their own loose garments and she enjoys this time.

The young man comes and goes, always bringing more horses, and they become friends.  There are no other young men in the encampment, and the women are always separated from the older men, who wear long white robes relieved only by colourful silken cords around their headscarves.

The decision to be free

Aware that the year of freedom is nearly up, she makes the decision to run away.  The young man dare not go with her but gives her a horse to ride.  She knows that if she stays, she will have to marry one of the older men and she wants to be free.  The young man's family told her of relatives in another encampment so she decides to go there.

The young man guides her part of the way, and she then continues alone, carrying some food and water in a leather water carrier.

When she reaches the camp, she shows them the ‘token' the young man has given her as proof that he has sent her - a piece of paper wrapped round a precious stone.  They tell her she can stay with them and she settles in there quickly.  This is an informal settlement and she feels more comfortable with living a simple life.

Standing up to her father

After some time, her father finally finds her and demands that she go back with him.  She knows he is a big, important man and she is just a daughter to be traded-off, but she stands her ground and refuses to leave the encampment.  He finally accepts her decision and says ‘Be happy', then leaves.  She knows she will never see him again.

She remains in the settlement for the rest of her life, living quietly and simply.  She has no desire to marry or have children, and is content to be a useful member of the community.

The last day of her life

On the last day of her life, she is lying on a truckle bed in her tent, feeling weak and tired.  She is given liquid food and sips of water and treated lovingly.  She feels her life ebbing away and becomes aware of floating upwards.  She looks down and sees another woman holding her hand and crying.  She thinks ‘It doesn't matter, I'm still here!'  She no longer feels heavy but instead feels light and young and glad to be free.

Understanding the purpose of that life

Now in spirit form, she looks back on the life she has just left and becomes aware that she wanted to learn to not be manipulated by others, but instead be strong, take risks and to follow her heart.  It was her intention to never become someone else's chattel, as she would have been by becoming a wife and a mother.  She feels pleased with how well she did: ‘I did it, I got away!'

She had also wanted to learn about being ‘useful' - learning to live with and use what the earth and the animals can give you.  ‘Everything that you need is there if you can learn to use it.'

Another goal was to experience the companionship of women, as men often want to stamp their egos on you, whereas women aren't interested in doing that.

She feels she has generally done well, but appreciated that there some imbalance as she never learnt to communicate with men, only with women.  If she could have made a life with the young man, she probably would have been more balanced, but there was no possibility of that as he was trapped just the same as she thought she was, although he too could have got away if he'd wanted to.  Overall though, she feels she led a useful life; one where she was free and was able to live outdoors and not be confined. 

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Conversation with the Higher Self

As always, I asked for permission to speak with Emily's High Self [HS] and also to ask questions.  The HS spoke strongly and clearly, and often humorously. 

The reasons for bringing forth this particular past life

When asked why they chose to show her that life, they responded that Emily had to learn to see you can overcome difficulties even when people are trying to force you - you still have your own will and your will is stronger if you let it be stronger.  ‘Other people will try and force their will on you but you can stand up against them, you can live the life you want.' 

'In this life, Emily has been bullied and manipulated by many people and she found it hard to stand up against them because she didn't think she had that strength in her - she didn't feel she had the right - so it's taken her a long time.  She's only just realising now that she can stand up against people and not be pushed into situations she doesn't want to be in.'

More information about the past life characters

The HS explained that Emily's past life character lived in several Bedouin settlements, around the 12th century in our [linear] terms.  Bedouin chiefs have many wives and she was the daughter of one of his wives who lived a long way away. It was normal for them to travel long distances when trading.  One of the males in his group had made him an offer of money or camels for his young nubile daughter, so he was literally going to sell her to make himself richer, more powerful.  ‘After all, the more camels you have, the more powerful you are!'  He had a great ego and the law allowed him to have all these wives, but in another society he would just have been a philanderer. 

Characters in the current life

When asked if Emily has known the father figure in her current life, the HS said yes, he was her first husband.  Very fond of women and his own looks and he liked to feel powerful.  He was acting out a similar role for her in this life.  He plucked her out of a home situation she wasn't happy in, took the part of her rescuer, but didn't really want to cherish her or look after her for herself.  He just wanted to use her and just carry on with his other ‘wives' [other women]. 

In the past life she was also seeing him as her gallant rescuer at first, and then realised he was using her for his own agenda.

When asked why they had chosen to be together in the current life, the HS replied that it was more about him needing to learn that there's a responsibility that goes with plucking someone out of a situation and saying you're going to look after them; you can't just trade them; you've got to be responsible for them, and because he didn't do that, he lost her. 

The woman in her father's encampment was Emily's mother in this life.  In that life, she looked after her but was quite happy for the girl to go again and didn't follow her progress.

The young man was Emily's first boyfriend and her first love.  She came into this life knowing she could never stay in a relationship for very long because she had a lot of things to do; she had to go from one to the next like stepping stones, and if she'd stayed with either the young man in that life or the boyfriend in this life, she would have hurt them and she didn't want to do that, so she moved on. 

They both taught her how to care, because up to the time she met either of them, she didn't know how to care, so she learned it from them, both in the past and current lives.'

[Emily's father was very loving but died when she was a small child, and her mother was reserved and aloof.]

Emily's other lives

When asked about other lives, the HS replied that Emily had had many, including  ‘other forms of consciousness'   She had been a  light worker, a traveller between planets, and she had also lived some significant lives on Earth, including in the great kingdom of Egypt where she was an artist painting tombs.

Explanation of Emily's strange experience in the Great Pyramid

In response to a question, the HS confirmed that when Emily lay down in the ‘tomb' in the Great Pyramid when she was in Egypt, she knew she shouldn't be doing it!  Her earthly body couldn't take it but she was so curious and was drawn to it.  It certainly wasn't a burial chamber, but was in fact an ‘energy box'. The granite trough [not a tomb] was where the men who called themselves priests used to lie in order to tune in and be energised by the energy from light beings, and this gave them their power over the ordinary people. 

Occasionally women could do it, but it was mainly a male thing, and so, when Emily lay in the granite trough, it upset the vibrations and caused them to bounce around!  The HS cautioned that there is a need to build up to something like that, and not just ‘do it'. By doing so, it resulted in her having a lot of pain in her shoulders for some time after.  If she had stayed longer, her whole body would have been powerless.  For the priests it was a ritual; they prepared themselves for days beforehand, then lay in it and rested afterwards.  So Emma was shown that her body wasn't that kind of a body any more.

An understanding of this life's purpose and the connection with crystals

I asked the HS ‘What is Emily's life purpose, and is it connected to crystals?' 

The HS replied that she worked with crystals in Atlantis, where she had a HUGE blueBlue Crystal crystal, which she took with her when she and others fled after the 'sinking of Atlantis'.  In Egypt, she became a priestess of the crystals and wore a blue headdress with a bronze circlet with a snake at the top, which could only be put on by a priest.  She had a sanctuary and her own crystal there, and she would draw up the energies from the crystal and take them to the people. 

The crystals partly caused the demise of Atlantis as the people tried to get too much power from them, and to use them in the wrong way.  In doing so, they caused terrible earth tremors and volcanic eruptions, and the whole land eventually exploded because they didn't understand the power they were playing with.  But the ones who escaped built special boats because they knew they had a long way to go, although they didn't know where they were going to.

Atlantis wasn't all that far from the other continents, but it took up more or less the whole of the Atlantic Ocean.  They took the big blue crystal with them and she was in charge of it in Egypt.  In Atlantis she was also working with crystals but she had to do it secretly, because it was at a time when the men were getting more and more powerful and greedy, and upsetting the whole balance.  She and the other women were warning them what would happen, but they took no notice.'

More about this life's purpose

'In this lifetime she had to learn about lack of things and how to overcome it, which is why she has always experienced loss in many different forms, right from the beginning, including in her relationships [her father died when she was just a child, for example].  She had to learn to stand on her own two feet without anything to support her.  No money, no close family - nothing that was going to prop her up.  She was on her own.  Her father signed that [soul] contract with regret but he made the most of it while he was here with her, although he knew that it would be a short relationship.'

The HS continued by saying that Emily is now going back to what she knows - crystals.  It was up to her whether she did this or not, according to which way she went.  She could have ignored her contract and lived a more comfortable life [taken free will], in which case she would never have gone down this path.  But she chose to stick to it, although she didn't realise at the time that she was doing so.  She only knows that now, and so she now has a reason to go back to crystals.  If she'd been too comfortable and cosy, she wouldn't have wanted to. 

Crystals are the conscious beings of this Earth

The HS went on to say:

Crystals are the conscious beings of this Earth.  They connect us to all the worlds that have ever been, everywhere, which is why there is crystal inside every human being.  In fact, the human brains were re-adjusted at a time when the star beings didn't know which way the human race was going to go, and there came a time when the brains were getting too big, so they put silicone in - they put crystal in the brain to hold the memory so that the brain wouldn't have to get so big, because they were having birthing problems - the Neanderthals - and when that was altered, they could retain the knowledge and the memories without the brain getting any bigger.  So, the crystal in your own brains responds to the crystals of the earth, and if you tune into them, you can learn to understand them.  And they will speak to you!  Each one is a separate character - they are as numerous as human characters and personalities.  So for every human personality that is different from all the others, every crystal is different from its neighbours and its fellow crystals, and if you can attune to them, you learn what the personality of that crystal is, what it's for and how it can help you. 

Time to re-awaken the crystals

Quartx CrystalsThe crystals have been sleeping for such a long time; since the days when Atlantis sank, and the power was taken away from them because humans couldn't be trusted with them.  So the crystals were ‘put to sleep' in a way; they went dormant, waiting for a time when the human race would be ready to awaken them again.  And that time is now.

Crystals all over the earth are being re-awakened, crystal skulls too; and there are crystal skulls scattered throughout the earth, holding more memories than all the computers put together.  It just takes certain people to read them.'

An urgent need for healing

I then asked how Emily can use this knowledge of crystals?

The HS replied that once she's learnt to read crystals and understand what they are all here for, she can apply that [knowledge] to people as a healing. 

There's going to be a lot of healing needed in the near future because the Earth is going to go through tremendous shifts.  There's going to be chaos, there's going to be a lot of dying.  The old Earth is going to be left to its own devices, to go the way it's driving itself, but a new Earth is emerging - it's already started - and that new Earth will take with it all the people who are attuning and raising their vibrations, so they will leave behind the violence, the killing, the wars, the bloodshed, the money, the big institutions, the corporations, the greed - all that will be left behind on an old Earth that will just die eventually of its own mistakes.  Poor Earth, but the new Earth will be fine - absolutely beautiful - there will be no wars, no illness, people will live much longer.  They will be semi-light bodies to start with and then they'll be all light.  It will take a while for the re-adjustment, probably several generations. 

The ‘new Earth'

The new Earth is coming very soon, and in the interim period, like anything that changes, there's a lot of pain because there won't be as many people going with the new Earth as are left behind, so there will be people who are sort of on the cusp, not knowing which way to go, and they are the ones that will need the healing.  They need their minds opened and their bodies made more receptive, and they need to understand what's going on, but they won't understand. 

So healers are not just physical healers, they are healers of the consciousness, and they will help these people to make that step, from the old Earth to the new.  That's where the crystals will come in.  Other things, as well - colour, sound - all the things that used to be used in this Earth - that is fast becoming the old Earth - but unfortunately have got lost.  They will come back again.'

Upgrades and devices

I asked for an explanation of Emily's recurring dreams.

The HS said ‘She's one of us.  We take her home now and again just to remind her where she comes from.  Her guides and guardians go with her.  They show her where she's from and where she's going back to.  She gets ‘upgrades' every now and then.  She also has some devices in her - the one in her ankle which we tweak now and again.  That one is more of a progress report, where she's got to.  So when she feels pain or swelling in her ankle, that is the result of tweaking.  (We're sorry about that!) She does have other devices, which is why we don't let her go to the doctor as they would find them and they'd probably try and take them out.  People who have devices very seldom go to doctors - in fact, they have a mortal fear of doctors.  So we keep them healthy, we make sure they're well, or show them how to heal themselves.'

Learning about communicating with the Higher Self

The HS continues:

Emily has a bit of a block about communicating with us.  We're hoping she'll communicate through the crystals as it will make it easier for her; she's always had such a rational mind and it's hard to get through.  She's a very practical person - she's had to be because of her life experiences - but it is a bit of a stumbling block when it comes to outside communications, so at the moment she's trying to balance one with the other, and actually she doesn't need practicalities any more as she won't have any more, she won't have any more hard battles to fight, she'll stick where she is and live her own life.  What's she learning to do now is what she learnt to do in the desert: she's learning to live with other people on her own; be herself amongst other people so she's not influenced by others.  It's been hard for her but she's learning that now.

She's doing really well but we do help her from time to time and she's aware that she has sudden upgrades of consciousness so something that seemed impossible last week seems possible this week, and she's more aware of this now.'

Attracting like-minded people

I asked how can Emily attract like-minded people?

Energy and fingersThe HS said ‘Let the universe do that.  The more you try the harder it gets, and if she doesn't find more than two people it doesn't matter.  She already has one very close friend and they see each other and talk on the phone and they share their dreams and their thoughts.  Through the crystal course, there will be more people coming into her life.  We'll make sure she meets the right people because they need to reach others.  People are just like a radio antenna.  Imagine the waves going out.  You don't have to stand up and speak in front of people.  Just send out your energy and it will reach people at the right time.'

Scanning and healing the body

I then respectfully asked the HS to do a ‘body scan', including the throat, watery eyes and back pain, and if they could give her some healing.  Here's what they found:

Blockage (throat) - not speaking her mind.  Speak your mind more!  Say what you think at all times.

Watering eyes - tears that she never shed - so it's a way of getting rid of all that and once it's all gone they'll stop watering.  There's still quite a bit to go but we will help. 

We'll strengthen her back - she needs more backbone!  Standing up for yourself gives you more backbone.  She felt like somebody was hitting her on the head with a heavy hammer, compressing her spine.  We'll get rid of the hammer and strengthen her backbone.

It'll take about a month for her to experience the benefit.  She also needs to exercise her heart more.  Sometimes she feels her heart is pressing against her chest.  She's young for her age but she needs more strenuous exercise.  We prompted her close friend to tell her about the dance course.  We tried to make her go but she wouldn't go on her own!  She does have this reluctance to do anything out of her comfort zone and she has to push herself to do things, so we're waving the carrot because she loves to dance and it will do her good.'

Recognising how the Higher Self gives us ‘prompts'

I asked ‘If something comes into her mind that seems important, is it because you've prompted her?'

Oh yes! [HS chuckles].  You humans aren't very good at thinking for yourselves; we do most of your thinking for you!  Do you think you have an original thought!

Understanding how well she's doing

She's going to be necessary - she's one of the ones that we need for the ‘shift'.  She's done a lot more than she realises including influencing people without even realising, because she's open-minded and most people are closed.  She's taught people to open a crack, opened windows, taken bricks out of walls.  She doesn't know this because they go on their way; they think differently and might not even realise it's because of something she said or did. 

People remark that she's different from others and they don't always like that - they feel alienated, a different species - which she actually is!  That's why she's always felt like an outsider - one foot on earth and one foot on the fifth dimension or more.  She and her daughter are here on Earth as visitors, they're not total earthlings.  They come for the experience and try to help.  Not working out karma any more - they've done all that - nor creating karma either.'

I thank the HS, and the reply comes in a courteous tone: ‘You're very welcome.'

Final words from the Higher Self

I ask if the HS has any final words for Emily before we finish the session.

‘Keep strengthening that backbone.  Speak your mind.  Do not be cowed.  Do what you know is right and say what you know is right, and take no notice of what other people think.  That way you are your-self.'

Post session feedback from Emily

'I think I have become stronger and more assertive since we met, but in a subtle way. It seems to be more of an aura I give out rather than actually doing any verbal confronting. I have an inner feeling I can make anything happen if I put my mind to it.'

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