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Experiencing Trauma and Death in a Past Life Session

Many people are fearful of ‘what might happen' if they were to access a past life where they were badly hurt or had a particularly unpleasant death.  The reason I know this to be the case is because it is one of the more common questions I am asked, either during the initial phone chat or when the client is with me, about to start the session!  So I'm guessing there may be many more people out there who hold back from exploring their past lives because of their fears.

If you are one of these, or even if you are just curious, then this information is just for you!

How Did You Get Here?

Assuming you have some kind of belief in past lives and reincarnation (otherwise you're unlikely to be reading this piece right now), then I'd like you to take attention to your body - this body that you have chosen in your current incarnation.  Are you really here, really present?  And if so, how did you come to be here?  Assuming you have lived before, then you must have died in order to reincarnate.  Even if you are a Brand New Soul, then you can look at all the others Souls around you and realise that at least some of those must have died before and come back again.

Recalling Pain and Death in Past Lives

Next, ask yourself if you have any recall of pain and death in a previous life.  For most people, the answer will be no, although for some more advanced Souls, or those who have experienced past life regression, there may indeed be some recollection.  And if there is, can you remember how the pain felt, and how big was the trauma?  Or can you only recall the events as thoughts, perhaps images, even possibly emotions? 

Earlier Memories of Pain in This Life

Think back to a time in this life when you got hurt - maybe as a child falling off a bike or out of a tree; maybe as an adult in some kind of accident; maybe (if you are a mother), the pain of childbirth.  You may have vivid recall of the event and some emotion attached to it, such as fear or anger, but can you actually feel the pain now that you felt then?  The answer is that you can't, and that's because the subconscious stores the experience as images, thoughts and feelings but doesn't have the ability to store the actual sensations.

Mundane Past Lives

Many people, when doing past life regression (PLR) for the first time, will recall quite mundane lives with no huge dramas playing out, and often a quite peaceful death.  I've come to understand that this is because we only get given what we're ready for at the time.  Upper Management knows what we can and can't handle, and will never give us more than ‘they' know we can cope with.

The Concept of Bi-Locating

However, there are those ~ perhaps older Souls, or with more experience of PLR ~ who do have the experience of traumatic events or unpleasant deaths during a session.  I always remind my clients at the beginning of the session that, however unpleasant the event, they will still be aware of themselves lying in the reclining chair with me sitting right beside them.  It's rather like being in two places at the same time.  In fact, that's exactly what it is!  If you can get your head around the concept of linear time being a human idea, then you can also grasp the concept of bi-locating!

Past Lives without Painful Sensation

No matter how big the trauma or how painful the death, the client in hypnosis never actually feels the painful sensations they would have experienced the first time around, even though they may be describing the experience in graphic detail, and feeling the emotions connected to the event.  It never lasts long, as ‘hypnosis time' is very different to linear time, and then they get to have the experience of leaving the body, and the sense of peace and joy as they describe floating upwards with the sensations of pain only a memory.

Becoming Clearer About Our Intentionality

When I first did my training, there were some teachers who counselled us to tell the client to ‘float above the scene and become an observer' if it all seemed to be getting too much for them.  I never understood the reason for this as I have found that the client learns so much more by actually being within the experience, and this is what I always encourage them to do.  Since the purpose of doing PLR is to understand ourselves better, and to become clearer about our intentionality, then this information is important.  And if we are able to understand the concept of choice ~ that nothing is a coincidence and everything we do is chosen by us ~ then it becomes even more valuable.

Fear of Death Neutralised

Once emerged from hypnosis, the client who has recalled an unpleasant experience will always report that, although the emotions were intense there was no actual physical pain.  Why?  Because they were re-calling the event, not actually re-living it!  For some, one surprising outcome of this is much greater tolerance of physical pain in this life, and the ability to experience it without fear.

And for those who had previously feared death, this fear is always neutralised because they now know that death is nothing more than a shedding of the physical body that no longer serves them.  They can now begin to grasp the concept that the Soul never ‘dies' and that the Soul Journey is a continuum with no beginning and no ending.


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